What You Will Learn


• To laugh and have fun
• Learn Pilate Principles & Core Activation
• Connecting you with your body inside and out
• To dance on the pole
• You will get fit on the pole
• Learn to love yourself and your body
• Discover the sexy woman that you are
• Improve your confidence and self-esteem
• Points of strip tease & create the body you have always wanted

Pole Pilate is a sequence of carefully performed exercises designed to develop your deep torso muscles and improve your flexibility, muscle tone and body alignment.
It is a holistic approach, combining the mind and body, enabling you to develop greater body awareness in an encouraging atmosphere. Pole Pilate’s classes are aimed at improving the body’s alignment and efficiency through focusing on 6 principles. Pole Dancing is a popular form of exercise, however without correct activation of the core stabilizers injuries may occur. The mind and body connection comes into play when you learn to re-train your body to achieve improved posture and safe, exciting moves. Initially, the focus will be on the correct activation of the core stabilizers of the pelvis/scapula. Once the basic versions are perfected, we will incorporate pole exercises, with movement and resistance added to challenge your control. Pole Pilate’s is a total body workout. As you progress through the levels of Pole Pilate’s your upper body and leg strength will also develop. As your core strength builds on the inside your vitality, energy and self-esteem radiates from the outside. We welcome you to come and join in the fun unique core stability fitness that will teach you body awareness on all levels. So if your up for the challenge call us or email us today to place the fun back into your fitness routine.